New Lists: Best Golden Age Movie Musicals and Best TV since 2000

Posted on August 5, 2018 at 8:00 am

Lists are designed to start arguments, not resolve them, but it is always fun to see what other people think as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

Vulture has a list of the best Golden Age movie musicals.  Without making any comment on whether this list is definitive, I’ll just say that every one of them is well worth seeing.

The Ringer has a list of the best 100 television episodes of the century (so far).  As you might predict, “Breaking Bad,” “Mad Men,” “The Americans,” and other high prestige dramas, but it was fun to see great choices from “Project Runway,” “Barefoot Contessa,” “The Bachelor,” and the one that would probably top my list, the one with the twist in “The Good Place.”

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4 Replies to “New Lists: Best Golden Age Movie Musicals and Best TV since 2000”

  1. I’ve seen less than half the episodes, and a lot of those aren’t even among my favourites of their respective series. And no mention of Neighbours episode #6943?!
    (I’m not even totally kidding. Soap opera or not, it was a fantastic episode by any standard and did a lot to live up to the eight months of buildup the storyline had.
    Also, if they’re going to include Reality TV (or anything unscripted, really), my first choice would have been something from Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (either Piccolo Teatro or Amy’s Baking Company).

    Only seen five of the musicals so far, none of which I’d call a favourite (for reasons generally unrelated to the music).

    1. I’m afraid I’ve seen less than half as well! I don’t get to see as much TV as I’d like and many I’m just not going to watch, like “Walking Dead.” I would love to see “Neighbors!” I heard Margo Robbie talk about it in an interview. What are your favorite musicals? Mine are probably “Kiss Me Kate,” “The Music Man,” and “Bells are Ringing.” I just watched “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” again, also a favorite.

      1. My favourite musicals are mostly Disney animated movies (Tangled, Mulan and Frozen), or live-action remakes of them (Beauty and the Beast). Not sure what I’d pick for Golden Age musicals, since the ones that come up in an IMDb search are ones I like more for the comedy than anything else (eg, A Night at the Opera, The Court Jester).

        Margot was on Neighbours from 2008 to 2011 as Donna Freedman and for most of that time she was among my favourite characters, (though admittedly that has a lot to do with everyone else getting awful storylines at the time). If I were to choose a favourite episode for her, probably her wedding in episodes #5997-5998.

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