Does This Police Dispatcher Sound Familiar?

Posted on March 24, 2016 at 8:00 am

The official description: Police Radio: Calls Received Through Radio From Female Dispatcher With Static And Squelch Pops; Close Perspective

Here is what it sounds like:

Dale Eisinger wrote about being haunted by this clip in The Daily Beast. Like the Wilhelm scream, it is in countless movies and television shows.

Her voice is so distinct. The countless iterations of CSI, basically every episode of Law and Order, many episodes of The X-Files, the dystopian Bruce Willis/Brad Pitt banger Twelve Monkeys, the Nic Cage car chase classic Gone in 60 Seconds, the animated series Batman, the Grand Theft Auto video games series… seemingly anything produced in the ’90s and beyond with some kind of police presence, this woman’s on that tape.

Eisinger’s efforts to track down the elusive voice, while unsuccessful (so far — if anyone has information about it, let me know), are fun to read about and very enlightening about the way sound is created and assembled for movies and television.

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