Magic and Puzzles from “Now You See Me 2”

Posted on May 23, 2016 at 3:55 pm

Copyright Lionsgate 2016
Copyright Lionsgate 2016


Now live! #LookCloser encourages fans to reveal riddles & clues planted in the film’s promo materials, under the guise that The Eye (the film’s magical secret society) has put them there to test & recruit new members. For example, look closely at the posters, trailers and social posts already released to reveal hidden clues. Each clue solved and entered on the site, found here, unlocks payoff content (cast shout-outs, 360 BTS footage, etc.) and (1) entry for a sweepstakes to win a grand prize of a BMW F800R motorcycle, like the one seen in the film.


Features include:
AR “Magic Money” – Use the app to scan any $1, $5, $20 or $100 bill, then make it float, transform and multiply in your hands
AR “The Mind Reading Sugar Packet” – Watch as a friend’s favorite number magically forms & floats in the air, out of any regular sugar packet
Learn to flick & catch playing cards like a pro (Step-by-step Tutorial)
Predict a card that your friend chooses from a shuffled deck of cards (Step-by-step Tutorial)
3-Card Monte Game: See how long you can keep track of the queen
Access to the online scavenger hunt


Some of the interactive illusion features include:
An animated funhouse mirror effect for the character posters
The rain scene in London as seen in the trailer, complete with thousands of 3D droplets that stop falling, then “fall up,” all with real-time reflection effects

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