Anna Kendrick Memoir: Scrappy Little Nobody

Posted on November 13, 2016 at 9:38 am

Copyright Touchstone 2016
Copyright Touchstone 2016

No matter what character Anna Kendrick plays, you can’t help wishing you could just hang out with her, having some tea and laughing at the world. Now she has written a memoir called Scrappy Little Nobody, and her wry, self-deprecating, razor-sharp take on the world is the next best thing. My friend, movie critic Susan Wloszczyna wrote about it for The Buffalo News.

For the precocious Kendrick, who defines that p-word as meaning “this kid is annoying,” it arrived rather early. This diminutive dynamo with rafter-rattling vocal abilities made her Broadway debut at age 12 and got a Tony nomination for efforts in the musical “High Society” as well as earned an Oscar nod at age 24 for ”Up in the Air.” Turns out she not only possesses a well-honed humorous perspective on her all-too-human foibles – just one reason why her witty Twitter account has amassed more than 5 million followers. But this down-to-earth young lady has also collected a reasonable supply of insider showbiz anecdotes and observations about growing up in limelight as well.

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