Blumhouse Live: A Virtual Immersive Scare-fest

Posted on October 14, 2020 at 2:00 pm

Amazon Studios and Blumhouse Television in partnership with Little Cinema, presents WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE LIVE: a first-of-its-kind virtual adventure celebrating the exclusive release of four highly-anticipated Blumhouse features on Amazon Prime Video this October with special performances by Ludacris and DJs Questlove, Toro Y Moi, and JADALAREIGN. Step inside the worlds of Nocturne, Black Box, Evil Eye, and The Lie, for an interactive mystery designed to unnerve and delight. The films are available exclusively now on Amazon Prime Video worldwide.

Guests can RSVP now to join the exclusive WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE LIVE experience. Admission is free. Spots are strictly limited.

For the weekend of October 16 and 17, movie fans worldwide are invited inside WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE LIVE to solve the mystery of a missing student and a strange family, all while exploring a labyrinth of virtual sanctuaries, live performances, interactive tarot readings, an escape room, and more unsettling twists. The club room in the basement of the house will host a special performance by Grammy-award winning rapper & actor Ludacris on Saturday, October 17, with Brooklyn-based DJ JADALAREIGN closing out the club. Multi-talented DJ-producer Questlove will DJ open-to-close on Friday, October 16. After the house closes on Saturday, attendees are invited to the basement club afterparty for a special DJ set by electro-pop darling and chillwave pioneer Toro Y Moi.

Taking inspiration from the unsettling thrillers Black Box, Evil Eye, The Lie and Nocturne, WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE LIVE weaves the Blumhouse universe together in chilling synchrony – with twists and Easter eggs behind every door. There are two shows each on two separate nights, for a total of 4 chances to probe this virtual universe before it disappears.

The WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE LIVE experience begins with the vanishing of Lindberg Academy student Erin Templeton. Your investigations suggest that Erin has several important ties to the Blum family, beckoning you to explore the BLUMHOUSE LIVE for clues to her disappearance. Enter through the basement, where Ludacris (October 17) or Questlove (October 16) will set the musical vibe for the thriller that lies ahead. Have a drink in the kitchen and probe your bartender for hints with direct, real-time interaction. Discover clues about your past, present and future with a live Tarot reading. Experience the power of memory and rivalry as you weave your way through the upper floors. Feel yourself being drawn closer and closer to the attic by powerful forces beyond your control… but first you’ll need to find the key before you can enter.

The unique collaboration between Amazon Studios, Blumhouse Television, and art collective Little Cinema forges a single narrative thread connecting four groundbreaking films into a cohesive interactive universe. Demonstrating the power of shared direct experience through sound, performance, film and technology, THE BLUMHOUSE LIVE is a truly exhilarating virtual adventure.

Explore the world of Welcome to the Blumhouse on October 16 + 17, all under one virtual roof.

WHERE: with confirmed RSVP

Friday Oct 16:
Live show #1: 5:00pm PT / 8:00pm ET
Live Show #2: 7:30pm PT / 10:30pm ET

Saturday Oct 17:
Live show #3: 5:00pm PT / 8:00pm ET
Live Show #4: 7:30pm PT / 10:30pm ET
Afterparty: 9:00pm PT / 12:00am ET


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Interview: Director Elia Petridis of Filmatics 360 VR Creative Services

Posted on August 21, 2016 at 3:27 pm

Elia Petridis, CEO and Founder of the Filmatics 360 VR Creative Services, is at the forefront of technological and narrative innovation in storytelling, and I had a lot of fun talking to him about it at Comic-Con. “We pitch pure creative for virtual reality and/or 360,” he told me, which means that they introduce filmmakers to new, immersive technologies, “anything where you can interact with the space.” Just like you can look around your room, you can look around the “room” or “landscape” of the film or game. This applies not just to the visuals but the audio. “The audio in your ear is positioned so when you move away from it, it moves away from you.” He says the technology could support any kind of storytelling. “They’re going to cover news, they’re going to do animation, they’re going to do education, training. In terms of narrative you have to think about it in a modernist way and so it’s like what really deserves to be immersive. Our piece is a seance in and virtual-reality you’d be at the table.”

He made a film called “The Man Who Shook the Hands of Vincente Fernandez,” which he describes as “A Western that takes place in a nursing home.” The cast included Oscar-winner Ernest Borgnine in his last role, along with Barry Corbin and June Squibb.

That film was shot in a traditional manner, with a 35mm film camera. “And then here I am directing content for an immersive space which is basically four GoPros, 4K whatever. So it’s just about the impulse to tell stories and the impulse to service the medium.” It isn’t only the equipment that is different in a 360 movie. Petridis said that he looks for actors with theatrical experience “because we are shooting masters, stagnant masters for the most part. So if they drop a line we go back at square to one. I can’t jump in, I’ll get in the way, so I can’t do that. They have to nail the scene so we rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. And then get your lines, get the beats and the motivation, get the performance right and then we’ll choreograph into space, then we’ll set the camera up and we’ll shoot two or three takes and that’s it. How to directly determine a narrative in an immersive space is a different story. I would choreograph the eye like I would choreograph the dancer. So I would have something take place here and have an actor carry the activity into the next quadrant like a baton, and then have someone hand me the baton here and then have someone call me from here and then turn to him. It’s more like dance choreography mixed in with their storytelling.”

The use of this technology will extend into every area of communication and education. Petridis is now working on children’s content for hospitals, to help them cooperate with blood tests, “to distract children through neuroscience and content to make nurses lives easier and children’s lives easier, to disengage anxiety from the blood tests, especially for kids who are chronically ill. So things like helping them with sitting still or extending hands. For the VR to progress one must sit still. The nurses’ lives become super easy because the kid is sitting still and then all of a sudden 30 seconds in, in order for it to draw they give out their hands and the Band-Aid that they get is branded like the Band-Aid they see in VR so when they come out they can still look at the Band-Aid, they’ve got their badge of honor. We check in with the user experience. We want to make sure that it’s the best content for that, it’s not just like let’s put them on a CGI roller coaster. The sky is the limit if you do it right.”

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Sir Paul McCartney in Virtual Reality

Posted on November 29, 2014 at 8:00 am

Jaunt promises that you can have a virtual reality experience with Sir Paul McCartney, using their app to get a 360 degree view of his performance of “Live and Let Die” at Candlestick Park, featuring immersive audio and stereo 3D. It requires a recent 5″ or 6″ phone and a Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer.

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