Lists, Lists, Lists: Best Last Lines, Best Matt Damon Performances, Best 21st Century Films (So Far), And Stars Pick Their Favorites

Posted on September 3, 2016 at 8:00 am

Movie lists are irresistible — to make and to debate. Here are three intriguing new ones.

My friend, Talk Easy podcast host and critic Sam Fragoso, has compiled a list ranking all of Matt Damon’s performances. I’d put “Stuck on You” higher and “The Good Shepherd” lower, but it is a great reminder of what a complex, thoughtful actor Damon is.

There are a lot of great movies, but not nearly as many great last lines. Mike McGranaghan of Screen Rant has assembled a great list of perfect movie cappers. I’d put his #4 as my #1.

And the BBC asked a group of critics to rank the top 100 movies of the first 16 years of the 2000’s. At the top of the list, the puzzlebox David Lynch film, “Mulholland Drive.”

And celebs including Rob Lowe, Amy Schumer, Josh Radnor, Ike Barinholtz, and Eric Dane responded to a #7favoritefilms Twitter hashtag with their picks.

Crank up those Netflix queues!

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