Another #Epicfail for Barbie — And a Non-Barbie Alternative

Posted on November 22, 2014 at 8:00 am

Copyright Mattel 2014
Copyright Mattel 2014

Remember when Teen Talk Barbie got in trouble for saying “Math is hard?” Well, Mattel did not get the memo because a new Barbie book intended to encourage girls’ interest in STEM subjects like computer programming completely misses the point. Daily Dot reports that a new book about how great it is that Barbie is a computer engineer is really about how Barbie can do some game design but when it comes time to actual programming or dealing with a virus she needs boys to come over and do it for her.

“I’m only creating the design ideas,” Barbie says, laughing. “I’ll need Steven and Brian’s help to turn it into a real game!”

Mattel has apologized and withdrawn the book. They said “The portrayal of Barbie in this specific story doesn’t reflect the Brand’s vision for what Barbie stands for. We believe girls should be empowered to understand that anything is possible and believe they live in a world without limits. We apologize that this book didn’t reflect that belief. All Barbie titles moving forward will be written to inspire girl’s imaginations and portray an empowered Barbie character.” But it is mind-boggling that it was actually written, produced, and marketed. There’s a nice remix of the book online — Mattel should think about issuing this version instead.

Meanwhile, Lammily has produced a Barbie alternative who has a realistic body and has options that include cellulite, stretch marks, freckles, acne, glasses, temporary tattoo, scratches, bruises, cast, mosquito bites and dirt stains.

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