Oscars 2016: Best and Worst of the Broadcast

Posted on February 29, 2016 at 12:01 am



Chris Rock’s pointed but fair — and very funny — opening monologue, making it clear that #oscarssowhite is a problem, that it is a long-term problem, that it is not as important as other manifestations of racism and other forms of bigotry, but that good, well-meaning people can and should do more.

“Is it burning cross racist? No … It’s a different type of racist. “Hollywood is sorority racist. ‘We like you Rhonda, but you’re not a Kappa.’ ”

The bear applauding for the tribute to “The Revenant”

Red carpet interviewers responded to #askhermore by talking to actresses about their work, not just their clothes. The questions could still be better, and so could the answers, but it’s something.

Expert and illuminating sound editing and mixing montages

Best acceptance speeches: Pete Docter for “Inside Out,” telling unhappy teenagers to “make stuff” and tell stories and Mark Rylance’s gracious nod to co-star Tom Hanks (theater actors are always the most graceful)

Selling Girl Scout cookies, following Ellen’s pizza order last year. What will next year bring? Chinese food?

Louis C.K.’s tribute to people “who will always be poor,” the people who make documentary short films.

The in memorium montage was lovely and touching, with Dave Grohl singing the Beatles’ “Blackbird.”

The Costume Design winner was wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket with a sequined emblem on the back.


Stacy Dash — what was that about?

And the Black History Month segment with Angela Bassett did not work.

Sarah Silverman — Okay to be irreverent. Not okay to be trashy.

Kohl’s commercials — ????

The songs used to play on the presenters and play off the winners were, at best, oddly selected. Wagner for the Holocaust film? “Goldfinger” for Brie Larson?

They have got to figure out a better system for nominating and performing songs. This song should have won.

And hey:

Woody and Buzz are 20 years old?? When did that happen?

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