Robert Elisberg’s Review of My Book: 101 Must-See Movie Moments

Posted on November 9, 2014 at 3:59 pm

Many thanks to my old friend Robert Elisberg for a wonderful review of my book in the Huffington Post. 101 Must-See Movie Moments

What makes the book such fun is that most books on movies give a fairly general overview of the films its covering, Nell hones in on the specifics. Or rather, on one specific. She does discuss each film, of course, to sort of set the stage, though not as a mere recap but rather going into depth with behind-the-scenes tales, and an explanatory sense of why the movie is so worth attention — but then singles out that one special moment that (as the title says) always gets overlooked at the expense of others, or was so wonderful in a movie you might never have even heard of.

In some ways, the book could have been titled, “Remember That Scene Where…”

That’s the fun of the book, how it brings the joy of the movie-going experience to life. There’s nothing dry about her writing or appreciation of films. (Don’t forget, I did say she’s giddy about watching movies, sometimes two or even three in a day — after having met with corporate shareholders to analysis their situation earlier in the day.) And so what we get here is picking that one unique scene that helps put the whole movie in perspective, and help explain why it works so well. Why we love that film, or why we should see it. Through the focus of one great moment.

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The “Airplane” Guys Are Back With Ads Touting Their Home State of Wisconsin: Go Cheeseheads!

Posted on May 18, 2014 at 8:00 am

My friend Robert Elisberg always has a delightful selection of treats on his blog, almost always items I never see anywhere else.  I loved his post about a new series of ads for Travel Wisconsin from the zany guys who made “Airplane!”  David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker, originally from Milwaukee, spoofed their own spoof in the ads and got some old pals to help out.  Even the blow-up guy.  Of course, they are hilarious.

P.S.  I’ve done a lot of traveling through Wisconsin, and it is well worth a visit!

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Blood, Sweat, and Cookies — Olympic Women’s Hockey

Posted on February 20, 2010 at 10:18 pm

My friend Bob Elisberg recommends a great documentary about the women’s Olympic hockey team — and the great thing is that you can watch it online.
Bob wrote in the Huffington Post:

it’s the comradeship of the women, pushing, encouraging each other that gets them all through. That’s the theme of the documentary, it turns out. The bonding that occurs between these women athletes, many of whom won’t make the team, yet who build lifelong friendships, and take away lessons that they say will hold them and push them through the rest of their life.

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