British Producer Insists on Gender Equality in Writing Staffs

Posted on June 19, 2019 at 1:56 pm

Slate reports:

The biggest broadcast production and distribution company in the U.K., ITV, is taking a unilateral approach to gender diversity in its comedy writers’ rooms, implementing a new policy that calls for all commissioned or recommissioned shows to “aim towards 50:50 gender representation.” In response to the industry’s incrementalism and the common refrain that there just aren’t enough female comedians that “are ready,” ITV’s head of comedy, Saskia Schuster has announced on BBC 4 that she’s gone ahead and made gender inclusion a requirement of any new comedy production from the studio.

The policy change is just the latest move in Schuster’s quest to change the culture of comedy writing rooms. In February 2018, Schuster launched Comedy 50:50, an initiative that provides an independent database of female writers, hosts networking events and workshops, and offers mentoring and shadowing opportunities to women who want to break into the field.

Broadcaster ITV Says It Won’t Accept Comedy Shows With All-Male Writing Staffs

Note also that the UK is banning some gender stereotyping in commercials, like women who can’t drive well or men who can’t change a diaper.

The new guidelines prohibit ads that play up roles deemed more feminine or male, as well as derogatory messages around body image. That would include a TV spot, for example, that shows children making a mess while a man props up his feet and a woman cleans up; or ads showing a man who can’t change a diaper or a woman who can’t park a car. Advertising that links physique and body image to a successful romantic or social life is also, as are ads that belittle men for doing stereotypical “female” tasks.

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Advertising Gender and Diversity

Super Bowl Commercials 2017

Posted on February 5, 2017 at 8:48 pm

The best Super Bowl commercials this year:

Most touching: Audi pays tribute to girl power and great dads.

Also: Tributes to the diversity of America with Airbnb’s #weaccept and Coke’s “America the Beautiful”

Cutest: Justin Bieber explores “unlimited” touchdown dances for T-Mobile.

Best moves: Mr. Clean.

Most timely: Anheuser-Busch reminds us of the courage and energy immigrants bring to our country.

Runner-up: Jon Lovitz and avocados from Mexico

Most imaginative: Advice from celeb’s high school yearbook photos for Honda.

Most ambitious: Snickers live commercial with Adam Driver and Hyundai creating its commercial during the game.

Pretty good: Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake on “Bai Bai Bai,”

Not the best: John Malkovich tries to get a URL, Gal Gadot and Jason Statham in an exciting action scene that has nothing to do with whatever the commercial is selling, Peter Fonda in exactly the sort of role his “Easy Rider” character would have called the definitive sell-out, the weird Humpty Dumpty Turbo Tax ad, and Febreze getting icky about bathroom odor.

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