On DVD This Week: Sacred Journeys

Posted on January 6, 2015 at 8:00 am

Sacred Journeys With Bruce Feiler comes out this week on DVD. If you missed it on PBS, here is your chance to travel along with pilgrims and worshippers around the world.

200 million people go on a pilgrimage each year. They set out from the ordinary, and seek the extraordinary.

Sacred Journeys takes viewers on some of the most celebrated, challenging and spectacular religious pilgrimages on earth. In this landmark six-part series, we travel with American pilgrims looking to transform their lives as they visit places deeply meaningful to their faith. And our cameras gain privileged access to places rarely seen by viewers before.

A pilgrimage at its core is a gesture of action. Pilgrims feel a deeper connection to their faith. They feel closer to God. In a world in which more and more things are digital and ephemeral, a sacred journey gives the pilgrim the chance to experience something real.

Pilgrimage today is more alive than ever before. But you can’t experience its wonders unless you go.

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