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Posted on August 18, 2012 at 8:00 am

Thanks for the great questions!

This is an old romantic movie, early 90’s I think. The leading male role plays an owner of a flower shop who also attends to deliveries. He is walking past an apartment building one night and looks up to see a beautiful woman crying though her window. The woman is the leading lady and I can’t remember the reason for her tears. However she is a young woman who has no family, either orphaned or given up to state care, again sorry can’t remember clearly. They meet up, he falls madly in love with her, but she is afraid of love and can’t commit. I remember a couple of other scenes, one where he surprises her with a room full of beautiful purple roses and another where he shows her his apartment rooftop which he has transformed into an amazing gardeners delight. I also remember a scene where he is talking to her about his job being the best job because it puts a smile on people’s faces when he delivers them a bouquet of flowers. I think that the way they meet is that he sends her flowers after he sees her crying through the window and she goes to the flower shop to try to find out who the mystery man is. I hope this is enough information and would greatly appreciate any information that you may provide.

That’s “Bed of Roses” with Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson.

I saw a movie when I was younger, and I can’t recall the title. I was hoping you could help. Problem is it was a while ago and I was young so I don’t recall many details. Here is what I know (but can’t be certain on):

– early 90’s
– the protagonist is waiting for and then riding a bus. He has his father’s ashes, and pretty much most of the movie is him remembering back to when he was a young kid, during summer break.
– things get hazy for me here, but I think he goes on a journey with an older girl, his babysitter, and she let’s him smoke, and they go swimming in the ocean, etc. I particularly remember one scene they are driving in a convertible.
– the movie ends when it flashes back and he arrives at the same place where they went swimming when they were younger; he then scatters his dad’s ashes into the ocean. I might be wrong in the details, but I hope that gives you some kind of idea of which movie this is.

Not quite what you describe, but it sounds like “Stealing Home” with Jodie Foster as the babysitter. It is her ashes he is carrying on the bus. Thanks for writing!

Hi Nell, I’m back for another question. What is the name of a movie made for TV, starring Ann Heche & Eric Roberts, where she starts an affair with him so that he becomes so jealous of anyone romantically involved with her, that he kills her former husband or boyfriend? Which is what she intended for him to do all along. I think they both end up in prison if I remember correctly. OK, work your magic!

It’s called “Fatal Desire.”

It was a war drama that a man loves a married woman. and when a bomb hit their secret love place the lady swore to God that if he lived she would not see him again. What was the name of this movie?

That is “The End of the Affair,” with Ralph Feinnes and Julianne Moore, based on a book by Graham Greene by the same name. There is also an earlier version made in 1955 starring Deborah Kerr.

I saw a film when I was young and I can only remember certain bits from it and I can’t remember the title. Basically all I can remember is a woman choosing between two men, one man that had everything and one that had nothing. She was obviously in love with the guy who had nothing because when she kissed him she went into this pink cloud, whereas she felt nothing for the other.

That’s “The Girl Most Likely” with Jane Powell and Cliff Robertson.

I saw a movie when I was a kid.These two children went to visit this strange man and ended up playing this weird game with the man where they tried to kill each other. I remember that it wa not violent but more subtle. I think it had a scene where the kids tried to poison the strange man with mushrooms.

That is “Let’s Kill Uncle” (sometimes known as “Let’s Kill Uncle Before Uncle Kills Us”). And you’re right about the mushrooms. It’s not available on DVD at this time but you may be able to find it some late night on cable.

I am looking for an older movie. The only part of the movie I can remember is that this guy had a magic bow that always hit the enemy in the heart.

That’s “The Archer: Fugitive from the Empire.”

I am looking for the title of an older movie. It has to be at least 25 years old. It’s about a boy named Ivan and he goes out to capture the firebirds. He captures them and takes them to the king. Somehow he gets this talking magic pony and by the end of the movie, he has to do these tasks, where he jumps into hot oil and other stuff and comes out this total stud and marries the princess. There is also an evil character that tries to thwart him. I understand this is quite vague, but I am desperate!!

That’s “Ivan and His Magic Pony,” also known as “The Humpbacked Horse.”

I’m looking for the title of a movie (40’s- 50’s?) about a rich man who decides to hike around the country alone. He loses his memory and is jailed/sent to a work farm. When he hears about a news article about a missing rich man presumed dead he confesses to killing that man. When the news of his confession is reported one of his staff reads it and goes to the work farm to rescue him.

One of my very favorites! That’s “Sullivan’s Travels,” written and directed by the great Preston Sturges, starring Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake.

I’m desperately hoping you can help me learn the title of a movie and it’s availability to the public. It’s an old 1930’s-40’s movie with two girl (friends, sisters?) getting ready and going on a cruise to Europe. They buy cheep fur coats and the fur keeps falling out everywhere. One gets sick right before getting off the ship in England? And she pretends with the help of friend/sister to be well. I think she was sick with chicken pox or measles. They meet two handsome men and even go to a maze garden together. That’s all I got. It’s a light happy movie that I found delightful…..but it’s now driving me insane trying to find what it’s called! Help! Please?

I love that movie! It’s “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay,” based on the true story of the adventures of Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimborough. Thanks for remembering this darling movie with such fondness, and glad I was able to help.

Years ago I watched an old comedy movie about a family that vacationed at a beach house. I remember a teenage daughter possibly a younger brother and their mother. I don’t remember the father much. He may have stayed home to work. Their were scenes of the daughter and friends, dating etc. It included some characters that we’re bird watchers visiting in the area. They we’re so funny because they would walk like the birds as they walked around making bird sounds looking for a rare bird. I cannot remember the actors although I know some of them were popular at the time the film was made. It may have been made in black and white.
My husband has become intersted in bird watching and I would love to find this film for him to watch. I would really appreciate any help you can give. I have tried searching but with so little to go on I didn’t have any luck.

Great movie! “Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation,” with James Stewart. John McGiver plays the bird watcher. Enjoy bird and movie watching!

I heard about this movie from someone who saw it and think it sounds good.  It is an older movie and apparently is about a lighthouse keeper that has a number of friends he talks with in the lighthouse.  Part of the twist is that these people he were talking to had died in a shipwreck years ago and were ghosts.  May not have the plot exactly right but if you know of any movie like this would like to know.
Thank you.

That’s “Thunder Rock” with Michael Redgrave.

I’m trying to find movie where social cultures are reversed. African-Americans hold higher social status than whites. I think Harry Belafonte played in it.

Yes! That is “White Man’s Burden.”

I am looking for an old movie that my grandmother owned. A group of sisters that would go through cave at night into a fantasy land where they would be dressed up and dancing. Please tell me you have some idea about the name of this film?

That sounds like one portion of “The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm,” which was about the brothers who collected folk tales and fairy tales. One of their stories was about the seven dancing princesses, and I hope that’s it!

This is a real hard ask I know. I saw a movie many years ago, the plot involved a scientist of some variety and he conspires with the wife of a fellow scientist to murder the husband. He goes about this by firstly falsely establishing he has a mental condition. He then openly shoots the man at a meeting or some such. He makes no attempt to escape and is subsequently convicted but considered insane and sent to an asylum, hoping to wait out until he can be declared cured and rejoin his lover. He discovers that the wife has used him when he see her with another man after she visits him. He confesses his crime and naturally is not believed.

That movie is “Brainstorm” with Jeff Hunter and Anne Francis. It was released in 1965.

I’m trying to remember a movie from the early 80’s. the star was a blonde young male actor. In the movie he had some kind of affliction with movie star quotes similar to Jim Carrey in “The Cable Guy”) He ended up painting his face half black and white and went on a crazy bender? I thought his name was Christopher Atkins , but it is not. The movie was a drama, and the character hung out in movie theatres. Any ideas?

That’s “Fade to Black” with Dennis Christopher.

Wow, Sorry to have so little information to give you. Since I really liked this movies you would think I could remember something else about it. Here goes.

A restaurant owner getting older wants to pass her restaurant on to new owner in need of new life. I think she advertised somehow and accepted letters from people telling a bit about their story. Chose a girl. She came and worked there with owner for period of time gaining wisdom and in the end the business. Can you help? Been wondering about this for years.

Lovely movie! That is “The Spitfire Grill.” Enjoy!

Over 30 years ago – maybe 40 years ago, my mother and I (when I was 10 years old or so) watched a movie that ended when a man was about to be lynched during a severe rainstorm. There was a huge tree on the property of a blind woman who took the man in and I seem to remember that she had romantic feelings for him. Anyhow when he was just about to be hanged by the mob – lightning or something caused the tree to fall. Beneath it was a large cache of gold that the woman gave to the mob in exchange for the man’s life.

That is “The Hanging Tree.”

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  1. I am looking for the name of a movie where an old man goes for a vacation with his friend in a cruise ship. on the ship he meets a lovely woman who is looking for a rich man because she (with another old lady) is also broke. The old man pretends to be a rich man and even engages in gambling with other rich people in the ship. He eventually wins himself alot of money (I think 40000 usd) but pretends to tear the check. He is found out and his rreal self is exposed. He goes after the lady and tells her that when he saw her she was so beautiful that he wanted to lie to her. The lady reveals that she is broke. He reveals that he is broke but had kept the check that he had won.
    please people, help me get the Name!!

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