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Posted on June 10, 2011 at 3:59 pm

Thanks for the great questions!

Q: This movie I saw on TV many years ago. A marine battleship or aircraft carrier is at sea and suddenly passes through a time “bubble” and is transported back in time… That’s all I remember except that I enjoyed the film.
A: That’s The Final Countdown with Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen.

Q: I am trying to remember the name of a movie I saw when I was younger (late 1990s-early 2000). It was about a music producer who recorded a woman’s voice, and used it for a younger pop star. The pop star would lip sync the songs the other woman recorded. The young pop star then gets the plug pulled on her and everyone knows she didn’t sing the songs. Can you help me with the name of this movie?
A: That’s Lip Service.

Q: This is a old movie about children. The children that passed  through this fog or smoke would act really strange and would try to get adults to hug them   if you hugged them it was like they drained all your life from you and of course you died.
A: That’s The Children, sometimes called “The Children of Ravensback.”

Q: Saw a movie in the 1970’s or very early 80’s on a Sunday night in Australia on a Walt Disney show.  The movie was about a wishing well and there was a ghost (I think she was a girl) and there was a doll in the wishing well.  There was some haunting tinkly kind of music that played. Really enjoyed it and would love to see it again but noone believes me (except my sister who also remembers it!!) they all say I dreamed it.  Please help – I know I saw it!!!
A: I am pretty sure that is Child of Glass. Some people think that is the movie referred to in the Jim Croce song, “Time in a Bottle.” Hope that’s it!

Q: Synopsis; a computer expert has to save his girlfriend from a serial killer 8 – 12 hours in the future his only help is his computer, now strapped to his wrist “Excalibur 8” I believe Richard Moll is in the movie and plays the role of “the grim reaper” type who took him and put him in this predicament! Please, I hope you can help!
A: That’s Dungeonmaster, also known as “Ragewar.”

Q: I hope somene can help. I don’t know the name of the movie,i saw it about 20 yrs ago. All I really remember is that is was in black and white, I think it was a tv series. This man could stop time, I don’t remmber how and a bomb is about to hit earth so he haults time but he is the only one breathing or moving…time is frozen???? please help………..
A: That’s an episode of the “Twilight Zone” series called “A Little Peace and Quiet” (but it is a woman who can stop time).

Q: I remember watching a movie – racing cars – and in the movie was an Olds 442 and a Dodge Challenger. Then one guy ended up getting an old Willy’s and dropping a hemi into it for racing. It was on television. I just don’t know the name and would like to try and watch it again.
A: Sounds like Vanishing Point.

Q: I am trying to find a movie and I don’t know the title. It is a movie that was made somewhere in the time frame of 1970 to 1990. It is a comedy that is set in the renaissance to the Robin Hood time period / theme. The only part I really remember about it is that there is two brothers that feel exactly what the other is going through…for example if one gets hurt the other feels it, if one has to pee the other goes for him.
A: That’s the Cheech and Chong remake of the old swashbuckler, The Corsican Brothers

Q: I searched for months trying to find the name of this movie starring Kathy Bates. I believe it came out around the late 70’s 80s. I know part of the story line, Kathy Bates is married to a drunken husband who is very violent towards her. They live in a old farm house and she waits hand & foot on him and he speaks awful to her. She was cooking dinner for him and while she was cooking the dinner he hits her around the back with a lump of wood . Can you help me out with the name of this?
A: That’s the Stephen King movie, Dolores Claiborne.

Q: This movie is set around in the 60s. Rich white family with a young daughter hires a house keeper who is black with a daughter the same age. The two girls grow up together and are very close. The dark girl hates being dark skinned and blames her mother and rebels as she gets older and runs away. Her mother tracks her down years later as the mother is dying. She finds her daughter working in a strip club & the daughter denies knowing her around people, she tells the daughter she is dying. The daughter tells her she hates her and to never come around again. The mother goes back home where she’s still living with the white family and not long after she dies. The daughter comes half way through her mother’s funeral chasing the hurst down the road terribly sorry screaming for her mum.
A: Great movie! That’s Imitation of Life with Lana Turner. It’s a remake and the original is good, too.

Q: A few years ago I was watching this movie but I didn’t catch the name of it… There were these four popular teenage and three of them kidnaps their friend on her birthday and then they put a huge ball in her mouth so she wont be able to scream and then she chokes on it. Then the rest of the girls make a pact were they wouldn’t say anything to anyone and they get rid of their evidence. So do you know the title of this movie??
A: That’s Jawbreaker with Rose McGowan.

Q: I came across a black and white movie on TV about 20 years ago. It might have had something to do with WWII because the plot revolved around a man who appeared to be the last man on earth. He goes to a department store and takes a few mannequins with him to a nearby house. He becomes friends with the mannequins, talking with them and smoking cigarettes with them. At one point he gets angry with one mannequins and throws it off the balcony. A woman walking by sees this and screams. The man realizes there is another living person and runs after her. They take shelter together, and at first their relationship is very awkward. He tries to give her a hair cut but butchers her hair. That’s about all I saw, but I’ve never been able to find this movie again. I think the title had something to do with “the blood” or “the devil” or both. I don’t remember. I was fascinated by the little piece of this film that I saw and would love to see the rest of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
A: Great movie! It’s The World, The Flesh And The Devil with Harry Belafonte and Inger Stevens.

Q: Sometime in the mid to late 80’s, HBO came out with a (made for TV?) movie about Air Force One and it’s code name: Looking Glass. What i can remember of it, a woman reporter was doing a news piece about Air Force One when word came that a nuclear war was about to break out.
A: That’s By Dawn’s Early Light with James Earl Jones and Rebecca De Mornay.

Q: Can you tell me the name of the film where the main character meets a man and puts a note in a book and tells him if they are meant to be together then he will find this book? And he does find the book.
A: That’s John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale in Serendipity.

Q: My mother was recently talking about a movie she saw recently about a blind piano player who meets a woman. The man (piano player) regains his sight and the woman was pretending she was blind the whole time. She can not remember the name or actors of the movie. Help…
A: That’s John Garfield’s 1947 film, “Night Song.”

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  1. I’m trying to find a movie and I can’t remember the name of it. Its about a mother who is dying but before she dies she must find a family to adopt each of her children. The film was made about 20 years ago.

    1. Hi, Tracey! That’s “Who Will Love My Children” with Ann-Margret, based on a true story.

  2. I saw a movie when i was younger that i really want to watch again.
    It’s like strangers on a train but newer and it’s a man and a woman. The man wanted, i think it was his boss dead; the woman wanted another woman dead. She poses as a new dorky secretary or something, i really just remember her getting a really short perm hairstyle and she does kill the boss/man person. But the other guy falls in love with the woman he’s supposed to kill and I don’t really remember what happens after but
    the beginning and ending scenes are someone playing piano/or the organ at a church i think.
    Please help I really wanna watch this movie and i cant find it anywhere!!!

    1. Hello, Elie — that’s “The Revengers’ Comedies,” based on the play by Alan Aykbourn and starring Helena Bonham-Carter, Sam Neill, and Kristin Scott Thomas. Enjoy!

  3. years ago, i saw a movie. it was about these two women, one black, one white. both are widows, andthe black woman is a maid of the white woman, and has this great recipie for a pacake mix, and she and the white woman (both have daughters) go into business together. the daughter of the black women is very light skinned and can pass for white (the movie is set in the 1940s 0r 50s i think), and becomes a starlit. at which point she denies her mother. at the very end of the movie, she is going to her mothers funeral, and runs after the funeral car, and is comforted by the white daughter. what was the name of that movie? i keep thnkining it was the color of money, but i am not sure.

    1. Thanks for writing, Mr. Seymour! That movie is “Imitation of Life.” You are probably thinking of the remake with Lana Turner and Sandra Dee but there is an earlier version with Claudette Colbert. Both are classics.

  4. I saw this movie a long time ago. It is about a man and a woman who are plain looking and hence unable to get dates. I remember that he is called a “dog” for this inability. The movie may start with the letter H and I think is in black and white. Finally they realize that they love each other. Can you please tell me the name of this movie?

  5. Looking for a movie about a guy with black curly hair who used to work for some “agency” and he tried to tell them that their system was weak and could be broken into. He quits, hacks their system and steals launch codes and he does all this from the train. It’s been driving me crazy.

  6. I am looking for a black and white movie in which a blind young lady is set to be married or married to a man whose ex-fiance / family friend tries to kill the blind lady by arranging for accidents. The blind lady then undergoes a surgery and regains her eyesight but does not disclose the fact. Thus she is able to figure out the other jealous woman’s intentions.

  7. Old black and white movie about mannequins coming to life in someone’s home. Watched it in the 70’s

  8. I am trying to find a movie I watched when I was a child. That would have been around 1980. It was about a little boy who had to leave for his safety. I remember him being on a plane with a backpack. He had a little figurine of a man in a grey outfit with a black hat. He called him Jack Black. During the movie thr the figurine comes to life and the man helps the little boy. At the end of the movie the man turns into a figurine again. Thank you for your time. Elizabeth

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