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Posted on June 5, 2010 at 8:00 am

Thanks to everyone for these great questions!I am trying to remember the name of this movie but for the life of me I can’t. The basics are the boy was kidnapped on the way to school and at first they blamed the handyman because they found bloody underwear in his tool box but it wasn’t him. The cop would never give up and I believe it was a couple years later and he found him. I can see the last couple minutes of the movie. He is driving home with him and there ends up being a huge police escort and the mom is on the way home from the store and there is a crowd in front of her apartment building, when she realizes what is going on she drops her groceries and starts to run.I love that movie. “Without a Trace” with Kate Nelligan and Judd Hirsch.I once saw a trailer for a film a few years ago, I’m not sure how many years ago exactly, possibly 5, but I could be wrong. After seeing the trailer I remember that the film looked interesting and that I wanted to see it. It must have flown under my radar when it was released however, and by then I had forgotten what it was called. Here is what I remember from the trailer:The story was about a guy who rents an apartment, one above an old store-front I think. After moving in, he discovers that the building is haunted by the ghost of the girl who used to live there. At first the ghost girl tries to haunt him and scare him out of the apartment, but when the two get to know each other, romance develops between them. Together they try to solve the mystery of how she was murdered. I believe the film was a romantic comedy with a light-hearted take on the afterlife. That’s all I can remember, I know it’s not much to go on, and I can’t even guarantee that any of what I’ve said is correct.Perhaps I am going crazy and have imagined this entire film, if so, someone should pitch it to a studio in better words than I can put together. I think it would be a really interesting film. Kind of like a light-hearted version of Patrick Swayze’s Ghost only with a romance between the ghost and the psychic instead.I hope you can help me, thank you very much regardless!You’re not crazy! It’s “Just Like Heaven” with Reese Witherspoon. Hiya, I’ve seen a Russian movie on an Ethihad flight this January. It was about the – fictive – Russian soccer national team and was pretty funny, though it had a quite absurd humor. Main characters were the team’s coach and his personal assistant. The coach’s cleaning woman locks herself in one scene up in his office and whilst she was “freed”, a locker almost stroke the coach’s assistant to death. There was also a very superstitious team assistant who always spit in the best player’s shoes. The film seemed quite modern, probably 2000 and onwards. I’d be so glad if you could help me to identify this movie! Thanks, ChristopherHi, Chris! That movie is “Igra” (“The Game”) by Aleksandr Rogozhkin (2008)I only saw part one of this two part made for TV movie but the story so far is. Set in early 20th century in Arab desert. English woman/girl rides into desert gets taken by desert people who sell her to kings harem. In the mean time English soldier with desert blood goes looking for her and finds she is in kings harem and only way to get in is to become a Enoch. He gets a fake job done and enters into the kings harem. Meanwhile she is picked out by king for a night and she is made ready by the other ladies all decked out in jewels and outfits and makeup etc but the last shot is of her being carried in a chair up high in a demure nightie and hair down and looking all virginal. As the shot pans by her you see him in the guard of honor? as a Enoch. so ends part one. hope you can help as I would love to find the movie and see the second part. Thanks.I believe you are thinking of a 1986 two-part miniseries called “Harem.” It stars Nancy Travis. I hope that is it!The plot: Mother struggling to support young daughter; over the years the mother becomes very successful in the restaurant business; enter a sleazy love interest who also is romantically involved with the grown, selfish daughter. I know it is NOT “Imitation of Life.” Any thoughts?That’s “Mildred Pierce” with Joan Crawford’s Oscar-winning performance. The movie is about time travelers who travel back in time to witness disasters. They are found out by a man and his daughter who attempt to stop the disaster from happening, or at least limit the number of people who die in the disaster. Don’t remember who was in it. Thanks.That is “Grand Tour: Disaster in Time” with Jeff Daniels.Can you please tell me the name of the Rom-Com….I just remember its plot…there was a doctor (I think dentist) who is supposed to have some lucky charm…so every girl with whom he sleeps gets the man of her life…he also had a friend who was a plastic surgeon…I have seen that movie but today when i was telling my friend about it i was am not able to recall it…Thanks.That movie is “Good Luck Chuck” with Dane Cook and Jessica Alba.OK so there’s this movie i believe its from the 80’s. It’s about a young couple who get stranded on an island and I think that there were Indians on that island but can’t remember. Years go by and they never get rescued and they have a child. Time flies by again and the boy (I think it was a boy) is about 4 yrs old and eats some kind of poisonous type of fruit and dies on their small boat they were building to leave the island. In the end they both (parents) eat the fruits too and they all die. I thought it was called “Blue Moon” but can’t seem to find it. Please help.That is “The Blue Lagoon” with Brooke Shields.I’m trying to find out the movie title where popular detectives are being killed off. Kojak (Telly Savalas) is killed with a poison lollipop. McCloud and his horse are covered in cement. Columbo (Peter Falk) is in it too. Thanks.I believe you are thinking of “Murder Can Hurt You,” a parody of all of the television detectives of the 1970’s. I am looking for a movie that came on tv years ago. the movies was about some scientists shrunk themselves and then took a journey inside the human body. I hope that you can find it what is the title and what year.That movie is “Fantastic Voyage” (1966).This was a movie about 4 children who lose their mother and they try to hide it from the system hoping to keep their family together. The oldest daughter has an attraction to a well-to-do bachelor. He eventually gets sick and the 2nd daughter treats him with natural medicine by putting him in the bath-tub and smothering him with steaming onions. Then the older daughter marries this bachelor who is way older then her. I saw this movie in the late 60’s I believe.That is “Where the Lilies Bloom,” based on the classic YA novel.About a year ago, movie, on TV. A guy had a couple million dollars in a European bank. Another man, a look-alike, plotted to go to the bank in person and have the money transferred to his account. To get the information he needed to be a credible impostor, he hired a beautiful woman to hustle man one and find out as much personal ID information as she could.They fell in love, yet she followed through begrudgingly. Man one, deeply in love, was demolished at finding of her involvement, and they separated sadly. Of her own love for him, she ended up killing the impostor she was hired for. In the final scene, a most-moving scene, they met in an open city square and tenuously approached, and were reunited.I believe you are thinking of “Deception” with Hugh Jackman and Ewan MacGregor.I’m trying to get the name of an old black and white movie of Barbara Stanwyck. I thought it was called ” A Man of Her Own” Anyway she is a young woman, pregnant , unmarried, on a train. She goes into the bathroom and meets another young pregnant woman who is married and also pregnant, who is traveling to meet her in-laws for the first time. This woman takes off her ring to wash her hands. Barbara asks if she can try it on.There is a train wreck. A lot of people are killed. Barbara wakes up in an mansion,of the married woman’s husband’s family and they mistake her for their new daughter-in-law.She tries to tell them the truth…I hope you can help me find this good old movie. Thanks, CherylYou almost had it right! It’s “No Man of Her Own.” I love that movie. But avoid the awful remake called “Mrs. Winterbourne” with Shirley MacLaine and Rikki Lake!What is the name of the movie about a young boy whose father is in the Navy. He and his mother move, I think to New Mexico. Boy meets tom boy girl. Getting to know each other they dare to touch a dead bloated cow. Girl goes first runs up and touches the cow and runs back. Boy runs up and trips and runs head first into the stomach of this bloated cow. Would appreciate any help. Thank you.That’s “Red Sky at Morning” with Richard Thomas — great movie and great book.My sister told me about a film set in France – she thinks it only has one name. It is about a cleaning lady who paints beautiful pictures at home. Her employer unexpectedly visits her and sees the paintings and is surprised when she tells him she is the artist.That is “Seraphine.” It is based on a true story.Two men kidnap a little girl and then they come to care for her. There is a song in the movie, “When Sarah Smiles.”The movie is “Savannah Smiles” and the song is “When Savannah Smiles.” I remember watching a movie with my dad when i was younger. It was an old comedy about a sportswriter that wrote a book about fishing and camping etc. He did not really know how to do any of these things and when he was forced to go on a trip with a girl..he had to read his own book to try and learn how to fish etc. I remember him trying to cast the line at “10” and release at “2.” What is the name of this movie?I love that movie! “Man’s Favorite Sport?” with Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss. Hi, I’m looking for a movie. I don’t remember the name but it was about a school with arrogant and disrespectful students like they discriminate others.The black side and the white side.Then there come a teacher who wants to help them but she lost her husband because of that but help these students. I don’t remember the name but I think it was a true story called written or it had something about written in it. Please help me, thanks.That is “Freedom Writers” with Hillary Swank.When I was a kid, I saw a movie about a teenage white boy and a teenage black girl who were both going to expensive private schools. I believe he went to an all boys school and she went to an all girls school but the schools were close together. She was from another country which was having a lot of political problems at the time and her father was like the president, I think. They sent her to Australia for education and safety. Anyway, the two fell in love and lost their virginity to each other. They were both kind of outcasts from their peers. It ended with her having to go back to her country where it showed a mob of irate people attacking the car she was in. The boy, who had been sending her letters, never heard from her again. The movie was made in the 80’s but set in or around the 50’s. Do you know the name of it? Thank you for your time.That is Flirting, a great film, with Thandie Newton, Noah Taylor, and an early appearance by Nicole Kidman as the girl’s schoolmate.

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  1. i remember watching this movie with my mom like 7 years ago i cant remember much but i know this kids parents got divorced and he either lived with his mom or dad and his mom/dad got remarried. Well that child has gotten bullied a lot and one day he was running away with his new step parent and his real parent down a flight of stairs and into a school yard where three bullies were standing. They gathered around him into a circle and he was backing up from a child that was standing in front of him into a kid behind him who was holding a pocket knife and accidently stabbed him and he fell to the ground dead. By the time his parents were at the top of the stairs running down their child was falling to the ground. I know its not much but i really hope you can help me out and tell me what this movie was called i want to watch well thanks for your time please help bye !

  2. I really need help with this movie if you know this movie you would have saved several people a lot of headaches. Here’s what I know: it’s a movie where the man(who might be the father/husband) kidnaps the mother’s children and takes them out of the country. If I remember correctly he takes them to like Iran or Israel(somewhere in the middle east) or something along those lines. And the mother fights to get them back she teams up with some people(might be soldiers or ex-soldiers) and they go over to that country undercover to get her kids back. I think she hires some soldiers to help her. It’s an older movie I would say maybe late 80’s through the 1990’s.

  3. okay so this is not a very popular movie, I don’t think. It’s about a russian princess who escapes. Her whole family is killed. The only thing she takes with her is a bejeweled ball that is an heirloom. She later meets a (American?) soldier and marries him. Later she goes back to her country with her grandaughter and gives her the heirloom. It’s not the movie Anastasia but it is something that has the same plot. Any help?

  4. The movie you’re referring to starred Melissa Gilbert and was called “Zoya” based on the book by Danielle Steele of the same name. Great movie (a Lifetime Channel one, I believe).

  5. I need help trying to find the title of a movie. I remember seeing it on VHS in the early 80’s but not sure when it was actually released but it was in color. The only thing I can remember about the movie (I was around 4 or so when I watched it) was a boy being in a canoe heading to an island. There were stuffed toys that came to life and I swear Kenny Rogers or someone that looked exactly like him was in it. I’ve searched for it by using Kenny Rogers’ name but couldn’t find it. I know it’s not a lot to go on but I remember that I loved the movie and I think my kids would too. Thanks!

  6. I really like natural disaster movies. I think this scene comes from a natural disaster movie. It is all that I can remember of the movie. The scene is during the evacuation of the town. All of the cars are headed out of town and this old couple’s car breaks down. There is a van behind them with kind of biker looking guys. The biker looking guys get out of the van and pull the old couple out of the car and then push the car out of the way. You think that they are going to leave the couple on the side of the road but they bring the old couple into their van for the rest of the way out of town.
    I cannot remember what movie that scene is from. I know that it is not much to go on but, any help or ideas would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi,
    I’m looking for an late 70’s maybe early 80’s movie. I faintly recall parts of this movie. I just remember it was a tv weekend movie possibly on abc or nbc. I faintly remember a man making a deal with devil for his “soul” and temporarily trade places with another person for a better lifestyle for wealth, fame and power, however he falls in love with a woman and my memory kinda fails me from here. Any help discovering this movie would be greatly appreciated.

  8. I am looking for the name of a movie I watched when i was younger so I dont know how old the movie actually was. Again me being younger I dont remember a lot about it and my have some general facts wrong. Its about these two children who are for some reason or another looking for the name of a country (ends up being Bolivia or something similar to that) they are kept in this house and they have to look through many filing cabinets or something similar. The lady holding them there give the children a few hints. one of the major scenes as i remember is the three of them sitting down for a meal and the lady gives them dinner and they suddenly think of the country. I know its not a lot to go on but its driving me crazy. Thanks in advance

  9. Tegan, can you be thinking of “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler?” That has two kids who have to look through file cabinets in a lady’s home. But it is an artist, not a country, they are looking up.

  10. I found this website while randomly trying to find a movie with similar plot as “Harem”, above.
    The one I am thinking of is told thru the english woman after her escape from the harem. She is sitting in a cafĂ© telling her story. She had been kidnapped and placed in a harem. Her hands and arms and feet and legs are all decorated with henna. She is kept in a separate building and the other women of the harem set her free – not out of compassion but to be rid of her so their man will want them again.

  11. ok so i cant think of the name of this movie…its about this couple who go to the hospital hoping to hear that they are having a baby but the doctor tells them that shes not prego..later the woman get kidnapped by the doctor. he kidnapped her cause him and his wife could not have children. they hold her in their basement for a complete nine months..

  12. Hi
    Im looking for a movie it was shown about the time Madeline Mccann was abducted, maybe a few months after.
    It was a movie about a young girl Kidnapped on the beach, I think her name was Annie..Not sure..well like 10years later her mum was walking in a shopping mall and saw a girl who looked like her..later on in the movie it is her…the person who abduted her was a lady…ummm she had a birthmark but her mum(kidnapper) let her get a tattoo so her real mum wouldnt see the mark…
    thats all i can remmeber if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated
    thanks 🙂

  13. I’m not sure the name, genre, anything about this movie. Could you please help? All I remember is towards the end of the movie, tow old women who had been living together for years and years and split up/apart, and are moved to separate living facilities (?) and the two women simply break down and cry quite hard. I’m not sure if it was a son, daughter, (???) who “decided” to split them up, but I THINK one, if not both, women are aging to the point of memory issues, etc. I KNOW this is not enough to go on most likely, but what a powerful scene, and I would sure like to see it again, and PAY ATTENTION this time! hehe. Thanks!

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