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Posted on November 2, 2008 at 8:00 am

Years ago, 1940-mid 1950s, there was a movie involving a spinster teacher in a small town, who had inspired generations of students. The story involves flashbacks and interaction of former students showing how she had such a positive effect on everyone’s lives. Answer: The lovely film you are thinking of is “Good Morning Miss Dove” with Jennifer Jones. I used to watch a movie about an orphaned girl when I was a kid. The movie starts out with a young girl in a bedroom with her father. By the look of the room you can assume they are wealthy and I think it’s in India. He’s getting ready to leave (to war I think) and she’s touching his face. The father says, “Are you trying to memorize my face,” she replies, “No, I already have it memorized.” He leaves and never returns (think he died at war). The girl gets moved somewhere and is forced to stay in the attic I think. She becomes a maid/slave in the house but her room is in the attic. That’s about all I can remember. I would have been watching it in the early 90’s and can assume it was released at that time. Any idea what that name of that movie is or possibly where I could find out? Thanks for you help! Answer: That wonderful movie (and book) is “The Little Princess.” It has been filmed a number of times but you are thinking of the 1995 version. It is available on DVD. Enjoy!Years ago i saw a film it was about a couple the move into a new house the women finds a wedding dress in the attic that is ripped. when the women put the dress on she is transported back in time to the time when the dress was last warn. me and my mum loved this film and have spent years trying to find out the name i know that it is a film from somewhere 1960s to 1980s at the end she stays in the past and when he moves out he finds pictures of her from the past. if you could help i would be so grateful. all my thanks Answer: Yes, it is “The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan” with Lindsay Wagner and Marc Singer. There was an old movie where at the end it was found that ma belle or at & t ruled the world. It was most likely from the the 60’s or 70’s. Please let me know if you have the answer. This is a tough one – Thanks Answer: That’s the very funny satire “The President’s Analyst” with James Coburn.I saw this movie a few months ago now I can’t think of the name of the actors or the name of the movie! Its about a couple with a daughter..hes a businessman and his wife and daughter go away for a weekend to look at a potential house they might buy…while she’s gone he cheats on her with a blonde woman. When he tries to end it with the blonde she tries to slit her wrists. She lies and says she’s pregnant, she stalks the family and kills the daughter’s bunny. Answer: That movie is “Fatal Attraction” with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close.I have been trying to find the name of a film about a man who had a pair of magic trousers. Every time he put his hand in the pocket he found a £5 note. I think it was a British film but not sure, I’m pretty sure it was in black and white though. It was around the time of the Million Pound Note with Gregory Peck. Can you help please?Answer: I believe you may be thinking of a British television movie called “Priceless Pocket” also featured in a compilation film called “The Triangle.” The government makes Mr Popple exchange the pants, but then his new pants have the same magic property.There was a movie I saw some years ago about a soldier who killed his wife and children and sid that some hippies broke ino there home and committed the crime. It was a true storyAnswer: That movie is “Fatal Vision” with Gary Cole playing Jeffrey MacDonald.What was the name of the American film that had a mixed raced girl who was white in appearance but her biological mother was black. She denies her mother in public so that her white friends will not find out she is half black and lie gets bigger and harder to hide. Set roughly 40s – 60s. Answer: I think this is probably “Imitation of Life.” There are two versions, but she’s probably thinking of the one with Lana Turner and Sandra Dee. Both are the story of black and white single moms with daughters who band together. And in both the black daughter is light-skinned and passes for white, even at one point telling her friends that her mother was her “mammy.” Then the mother dies and the daughter is devastated. What was the movie from the late sixties or early seventies set in New York which had as the main characters an older man and his son or adopted son(or similar) they had a personal game of trying to accurately identify the detailed accent origins of every person they met? .Answer: That’s one of my favorites! “A Thousand Clowns” with Jason Robards. I need the title of a comedy about a financial whiz running away from the mob and the FBI and hides out in a high school with a black janitor. Answer: That is “Hiding Out” with Jon Cryer of “Two and a Half Men.”In “Pulp Fiction,” what was in the box that Samuel Jackson would not give up? Answer: Good question, John! And the answer is that no one knows. Writer-director Quentin Tarantino intentionally left it up to the imagination of the viewer and there have been many fascinating alternatives offered by fans of the film. The myth-busting website Snopes has a good summary of the ideas and a confirmation that Tarantino did not answer the question. Thanks to all who wrote!

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9 Replies to “Q&A With the Movie Mom”

  1. Hi,
    As to the answer about the mixed race woman passing for white, there could be two answers. “Imitation of Life” is one film where the daughter of a maid in the house of a white woman passes for white.
    Lana Turner and Sandra Dee did make this film, and the maid was Juanita Moore and the daughter was Susan Kohner. However, another movie made in the late ’40’s early ’50’s was called “Pinky” with Jeanne Crain as a very light mixed blood girl who passed for white.
    I’ll have to look that one up again, but I watched it on TV with my mom and sis YEARS ago and we had a great discussion about race and racism at that time. If you ever find it in a film library somewhere, it is really an eye-opener for the time it was set in.
    She falls in love, of course, with a white boy and, well you can guess how it all turns out. Quite a good film that I’d love to see again with my grown kids and grandkids to get their reactions. Especially since they are all post-Civil Rights era kids, and just have no understanding of that type of prejudice—just does not exist for them—THANK GOD! Ciao!

  2. Thanks, Mary! I saw “Pinky” years ago, too, and it is a remarkable film for its time. I thought this one was probably “Imitation of Life” because the questioner specifically mentioned the girl repudiating her mother in public, which did not happen in “Pinky.” But I should have mentioned it, just in case, and because it is such a worthy movie.

  3. Nell,
    I am astounded and impressed. You are a veritable encyclopedia of film. I don’t think imdb could have done as well with as vague a set of clues as you were given. For efforts like this alone, you earn the title Movie Mom. But also for all your excellent previews and reviews of films and more. Well Done!!

  4. You made my day! It is always very satisfying when all of this trivial clutter in my head benefits someone who has been trying to track down some vaguely-remembered film. I always appreciate your comments but this one I especially treasure.

  5. Hi
    I am desperate to find this film I watched years ago. Its about a young couple that fall in love he lives on a farm they have romantic picnics and that and he falls of the tractor trying to get his hat and dies real chick flick and teary. I am not 100% sure but think the title had moon in it some where .
    If anyone can help I am so desperate as me and my sis watched it together years ago and its her birthday coming up and would love to get it for her as a suprise . I dont think it had anyone famous in it and may of been a true movie help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Thank you

  6. Sarah the movie you are looking for is called “the man in the moon” with Reese Witherspoon in 1991…I was looking for the exact same thing after hearing a song on the radio and the comment about “moon in the title” is what helped me find it so thank you

  7. The short Tv film “Priceless Pocket” has for some unknown reason haunted me for donkeys years, probably ever since I saw it in the early 50’s – I only knew vaguely the plot and now thanks to your revelation here I know the title – but I won’t be satisfied until I see this film again, is there any way I can track down a copy – I understand from another site that it was part of a (US) TV series, though filmed in the UK, presented by Douglas Fairbanks Jnr.
    Do you have any leads to archives of such films?
    Best regards,

  8. I’d love to see it, too! But it is going to be very hard to track down, I am sorry to say. Try a library or museum, perhaps the Museum of Broadcasting. And very odd things sometimes show up on Ebay, so you can try that, too. God luck and keep me posted!

  9. i am looking for the title of a movie I saw in a theatre between 1965 to 1969 it was a comming of age movie about two teen agers who fell in love they lived in a windmill so maybe the movie was filmed in the Netherlands I would really like to find this movie

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