Should Miley Buckle Up?

Posted on February 13, 2008 at 5:56 pm

A blog post by Consumer Reports points out that in her record-breaking 3D concert film, Miley Cyrus and her dad ride in the back seat of a Range Rover on the way to rehearsal — without their seatbelts. Cyrus senior has issued an apology.

“We got caught up in the moment of filming, and we made a mistake and forgot to buckle our seatbelts,” he explains. “Seatbelt safety is extremely important.”

The blog post inspired a stream of angry comments. Miley Cyrus has some passionate fans –who knew they read Consumer Reports, though? But if the young woman Forbes called “a cultural and merchandising icon” uses her onscreen persona to sell everything from movie and concert tickets to keychains, t-shirts, throw pillows, and beach towels, she has to recognize that she influences more than the decision about which backpack to buy. She has been a wonderful role model for young girls, a welcome contrast to Lindsay Lohan, and Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears. It seems a small point to criticize her for failing to buckle up when we are so glad to have a pop star who seems like a well-behaved, respectful girl. But because she is so intensely observed and imitated, everything she does is a lesson. In this case, the lesson is that when you make a mistake, you apologize. Good for Consumer Reports for pointing out that Miley should have buckled her seatbelt, and good for Miley’s dad for acknowledging their mistake.

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5 Replies to “Should Miley Buckle Up?”

  1. I think that she is growing up a little too fast. she is only in her teen’s and think’s that she is 20 years old already. The thing that upset’s society the most is that disney only gives these part’s to the star’s; they never give everyday children a chance, so what that her parent was famous or that her godmother was dolly parton, everyone know’s that billy ray cyrus was not popular anymore, so he moved in on his daughter. The truth is never said on national television,by anyone. He will alway’s say that this is what miley wanted in life, but society know’s better. I have seen this happen a lot with star’s and athlete’s too. children have gone to the step of divorcing their parent’s over their assest’s and earning’s. Britney Spears and many other female star’s start out young and innocent, but let’s wait and see what will happen to miley when she get’s into her love stage too. Parent’s can’t be with their children 24 hours a day. Drug’s and alchol are another big problem with teen star’s in disney, like lindsay lohan and britney spears and now jamie lynn spears (pregnant at 16). If miley doesn’t do something wrong in the long run, it will be a miracle. Raven is one of the few that is still on a good track. We all know that none of these kid’s do this because they want to do it, they do it for the money!! Most of the disney roles were not earned, they were given due to popularity and who their families were! To me this is shameful, when there are so many kid’s who have talent and lose it because of people like miley ray cyrus and other’s. Plus they alway’s have apologies for stupid mistakes that they make , or there is alway’s an excuse for them to tell our society. I think they should be punished like any one else, no special treatment or anything else. Excuses are not a good thing to teach our youth, and this is what miley and her father did!!!

  2. To: Suzan and Consumer Reports
    Suggestion: Get A Life
    It is not bad enough that everyone in alleged entertain news has been targeting the Cyrus’ but now a business type magazine has to strain gnats and swallow camels in order to (now get this next part)SELL MORE MAGAZINES by having Miley Cyrus mentioned. Greedy, greedy people.
    S. wrote that the only the children of stars get the parts? Odd, the respective parents of Britney, Lindsay, and Raven were stars? What did they star in? What about the Duff parents (you know, Hilary and Haley)? Were they stars? Frankly I am unfamiliar with any of them. I have heard more than I care to about the Spears parents but that is now. When were these parents stars?
    “We all know that none of these kid’s do this because they want to…” Well shucks, I must be one dumb fellow because that is something I don’t know. I have a now adult friend who when she was a child loved nothing more than to perform, singing, dancing, acting, the whole thing. She is still performing and she is getting paid for it. Not a lot, she is yet to have that breakthrough but she still loves to perform. She is making her living by doing something she has (literally) always wanted to do.
    Miley Cyrus has been trying to get on the stage since she was old enough to hold a microphone. It took years of audition tapes which she sent in before she was finally called in. (We should also note that she was rejected a time or three) And here is a real good one for you, it is a fact that Billy Ray Cyrus had to AUDITION for the part of playing Miley’s dad. That must have been one strange audition! “Mr. Cyrus, how do you plan to prepare for the role of playing the father to this girl?”
    In my personal court of opinion, the seat belt thing was something which everyone involved in making the movie missed. The director, producer and the nine-jillion other people working on the set that day all blew it. It is sort of like watching a western and seeing someone with a wrist watch.
    My inclination is that some people who are quick to judge should take their own advice, receive no special treatment, and learn to apologize. Otherwise it sounds (to me) like sour grapes.

  3. It is a shame that Society thinks that when someone becomes a star/famous they should conform to how society thinks they should act. Take the forgetting to put their seat belts on, not an uncommon mistake. I for one am not a big fan of the set belt law, I only wear mine so the people that I ride with do not get a ticket. I do not think our Goverment has any right to tell us when we should, or should not wear one, and I do not think any less of Miley or her dad for forgetting to put theirs on. That to me should be a personal choice. I also think Miley is a good role model for young girls these days, and one little mistake like not buckleing up should not brand her for life. Let her grow up and make her choices on her own, not the way society thinks she should grow up and act. Also Let Billy Ray Raise his daughter how he thinks he should, not how other people think he should.

  4. Well That good that Billy Cyrus apologized, people make mistakes even celebs. Billy is a good role model for all other fathers and Miley is a good girl & a great role model,one lil mistake like that is going to hurt any body I forget sometimes. At least she isn’t a sex, drugs, rock & roll kind of girl, respects herself, I’m pretty sure her parents taught her about God & the Bible. Unlike other famous parents that money hungry & don’t teach about the Word of God & values, virtues, & morals. Anything to make a buck, sex,sex, sex, & drugs, Them people just love feeding the devil…Don’t they…
    Don’t worry Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus, Miley, & the rest of the family, I’m on your side, so is the Lord God Almighty!!!
    Love Ana

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