Are Rom-Com Heroines Just in Need of Therapy?

Posted on July 15, 2018 at 4:22 pm

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The Belladona wonders what the ending of romantic comedies would be if the heroines just got some therapy.

For example, take the Katherine Heigl/James Marsden film “27 Dresses.”

After telling her therapist the story of how she met Kevin, Jane comes to the understanding that he may be right about the mindless consumerism of the wedding industry (and he’s definitely right about the markup on wedding cakes), but stealing someone’s planner and stalking them under a fake name is not charming, no matter how amazing his cheekbones are. Files a restraining order.

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Help Save the Rom-Com! Make a 30-Second Rom-Com and Win a Prize!

Posted on January 12, 2015 at 3:17 pm

Did you know there was not one major romantic comedy release last year? What happened to all the Jennifers and Jessicas? All the meet-cutes and misunderstandings? All the quippy best friends and quirky roommates? All the cute pajamas and strolls through the farmers’ market and walks on the beach?

If Hollywood won’t provide, it’s time to crowd-source. Kevin Smith is here to help. Yes, Kevin Smith. Come on, you know he’s just a big old softie who believes in love.

It’s the 30 Second Rom Com Movie Challenge from Studio 360.

The meet cute, the first kiss, the misunderstanding, the chase, the wedding — we all know the scenes that make a romantic comedy both predictable and irresistible.

Your challenge: write and shoot a scene that plays with any or all of those tropes, in just 30 seconds or less.

Your judge: Kevin Smith, DIY master and director of Chasing Amy and Clerks. Win Kevin over with your creative twist on the classic genre. We’ll play the winning movie and have you as a guest on the show on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Extra Credit: 30-Second Rom-Com

STEP 1: Create your film

• Use Vine, Instagram, Super 8, or using any other method to create an original rom-com.
• Your entry must be 30 seconds or less.
STEP 2: Submit your film

• Upload your movie to Youtube or Vimeo — and post the link on the Studio 360 contest page.
• Submit as many movies as you’d like.
• By posting your movie, you represent that: you have the right to post it; that it does not infringe on the copyright of any other person; and that, if you are under 18, you have permission from a parent or guardian to do so. (Be sure to follow Youtube and Vimeo’s Terms of Service.)
• Your video will be posted on our website and may be used in other Studio 360 platforms.
The deadline to be considered for our challenge is Sunday, February 1 at 11:59pm ET.

Kevin Smith will be back on the show to announce a winner.

Good luck, and if you win, don’t forget to thank me in your acceptance speech!

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