Michael Moore’s Next Movie

Posted on June 12, 2009 at 9:20 pm

Michael Moore has taken on General Motors, the Bush administration, and insurance companies. What’s next? A very timely film on corporate corruption, due to be released this fall. Since it relates to both of my interests and both of my careers, I am doubly interested.
So I was glad to get a bit of a peek tonight when Moore premiered in select locations a cheeky trailer asking the audience to help out the disadvantaged by giving money to the ushers. Then a line of fresh-faced young people marched in with collection cans and t-shirts that said “Save Our CEOs.” The audience hooted and applauded.
Moore’s take on the current economic mess should be infuriating and entertaining. I am really looking forward to it.

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19 Replies to “Michael Moore’s Next Movie”

    Our government is now BY THE RICH and FOR THE RICH !
    And they do not care about you and me !

  2. All this irresponsibility, all this bail-out, and nobody is going to jail… as if all these problems caught everybody by surprise. Apparently if it is legal to bet the money of retire people in “horse races”, you don’t go to jail.

  3. Shoot someone in the face — no problem. Start a war with a country that never posed a threat to us — no problem. Illegally spy on Americans and lie about it — no problem. Lock up innocent people for years — no problem. Fire eight U.S. attorneys strictly for political reasons — no problem. Award lucrative no-bid defense contract to political cronies — no problem. Fail to take any action when warned a month in advance of an impending attack on American soil — no problem. Engage in consensual sex in the White House — impeachment!

  4. What ever you think, do not blame Obama for this mess that we are in Bush caused this mess and Obama is doing his best to clean up the mess.

  5. This is not my country… but it used to be. It used to be a nice place to live… with my little vegetable garden and my Beretta it is still a nice place SMILE

  6. jwa, let me tell you that Obama will not clean the mess because he wants to save automotive industry witch is the main problem with the all powerful money and war business.
    Green growth , green business is a masquerade. Gov and CEOs refuses the reality.
    Our planet is unique and humanity needs this planet to survive.
    We need to change our mind NOW.

  7. Hey, gang, Michael is going to have to keep making movies about stuff like this until we stop cooperating with the institutions that benefit from our labor and give us very little in return. How long would the government last if its subjects—er, citizens simply stopped cooperating with it. It would fall apart almost overnight. That’s the ultimate solution to the problems, corruption and abuses the power elite wreaks on us lesser beings. They stand on our collective shoulders. If we take our shoulders away, they collapse. Find ways to stop cooperating and things will resolve.

  8. I see all this discussion about “Obama will do ____” or “Obama won’t be able to do ______”. Obama serves his own interests. Research your presidents for the past 50 years and you’ll find some disturbing facts. The most relevant is that all of them (except Kennedy) were backed by the Bilderburg group and most of their cabinet were comprised of members from this group. This includes Obama. (It’s a different face, the same old game.)
    The Bilderburg group is an extremely wealthy and powerful group of individuals who influence politics not only in America, but the entire world.
    If the world could take the time to educate themselves perhaps we would have a chance, but sadly- we’re more content to kick back in our recliners, turn on the TV, and shove fast food down our gullets.

    How sad for your little garden and your Beretta. If only things could stay the same in your perfect little world. So sorry that the new clean fuel economy won’t make your cool cars anymore… Or perhaps, if enough people voted for the new fuel economy they would make the new cars as sexy as the old ones and then you can go back to your cucumbers.

  10. Go Michael. Your voice is clear and resonant and one of the few who speak for all of us!
    Would that the ENTERTAINERS (self proclaimed and proclaimed by the stations who hire them for big bucks because they have a big, mislead viewing audience) could stop and think. The radio/tv entertainers with the mouths are ANTI-PATRIOTIC and probably could be arrested for INCITING TERRORISM…in their own country, towns, neighborhoods.
    How about a movie that educates about the terrorist promoters who promote lies and falsehoods EVERY day on radio and tv. Shouldn’t the rest of us be helping out Michael Moore and find a way to fight back with education of the same people who seem to think that they are hearing facts????

  11. Bravo, Michael Moore! Your combination of clear-eyed understanding and humor conveys your message loud and clear. I’ve loved each of your movies, and can hardly wait for fall to see this one!

  12. There appears to be some confusion in regards to the issue of who is controlling our government. While some suggest an international group is culpable, we have discovered the group named above – the Bilderberg Group maybe confused with the real enemy – the Build A Bear group.

  13. GO MICHAEL GO!!!!
    He forgot Madoff though……

  14. Awaken america..your crusade will do that. for millions without health care..and for millions more.(Moore)..who need insight on how the system works in this country… and how people are duped by adds on TV..telling people they would have to wait in a line for health care in Canada.. when these people without health care in the USAa would Love to have a line to wait in …period.. Forward.. Sir Moore…Great job..

  15. Hey there CHICAGO… a Beretta is a hand gun tucked under my shirt to keep the thieves from taking my carrots.

  16. That a boy!! Keep it up!
    I surely will not miss this film. And I loved the one on health care. You are one of the few people who open Americans eyes and brains. Love you.

  17. Regulation, taxes and higher accountability standards are going to be the downfall of our corporate socialist country, USA,and for our poor CEOs. First, the CEOs are not making enough money by sending all the high paying manufacturing jobs away to other foreign countries. The CEOs will charge the same price on the item made in that foreign country just like it was made in America. I will watch this movie and laugh my ass off!

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