Oscar’s Only Three-Generation Family

Posted on January 28, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Can you name the only family with three generations of Oscars? To make it even cosier, the grandparent and grandchild both won their Oscars for movies directed by the man in the middle, the son of one and the father of the other.
Here’s another hint: The third-generation Oscar-winner and her brother both appear in movies opening this week.
The first to answer correctly at moviemom@moviemom.com (put Oscar in the subject line) will win a DVD.

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15 Replies to “Oscar’s Only Three-Generation Family”

  1. No, not the Barrymores, Sal. Drew has yet to win an Oscar and no one in her father’s generation was even nominated. Answer to be posted shortly, so stay tuned.

  2. In addition to them, Francis’ nephew Nicholas Cage has won for Best Actor, and his sister Talia Shire has two nominations.

  3. A more complete list:
    The Hustons – Walter, John, and Anjelica
    The Coppolas – Carmine, Francis, Sofia, and cousin Nicolas Cage
    The Fondas – Jane and Henry
    The Douglases – Michael and Kirk (honorary)
    Judy Garland (honorary – Juvenile Performance), Vincente Minelli (director – “An American in Paris”), and Liza Minelli
    Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie
    Ethel and Lionel Barrymore
    Joan Fontaine and Olivia deHaviland
    half-sibs Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty
    Joel and Ethan Coen – all shared awards
    Married Couples:
    Tim Robbins / Susan Sarandon
    Elizabeth Taylor / Michael Todd (produced “Around the World in 80 Days”
    Frances McDormand / Joel Coen
    Joanne Woodward / Paul Newman
    Catherine Zeta-Jones / Michael Douglas
    Norma Shearer / Irving Thalberg
    Vivien Leigh / Laurence Olivier
    Anne Bancroft / Mel Brooks (writing, “The Producers”
    Julie Andrews /Blake Edwards (honorary award)
    Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford (1978 short film “Teenage Father”
    Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes (director, “American Beauty”

  4. ^^
    except that Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon aren’t actually married (may as well be, though)

  5. Thanks, Kevin! A great list. And I count Robbins/Sarandon as a couple, at least at the time she got her Oscar (in a film he directed). And MacLaine and Beatty are full siblings, not half.

  6. Uncovered a few more:
    George Clooney is Jose Ferrer’s nephew – Ferrer was married to Rosemary Clooney, George’s aunt.
    Twin Brothers Julius and Philip Epstein shared an Oscar for writing Casablanca.
    Brothers Alfred and Lionel Newman, and their nephew, Randy Newman, have 11 Oscars and 73 nominations between them. Alfred’s sons, Thomas and David, add another 11 nominations.

  7. Came up with a more complete list:
    Member Earliest Award Film
    Douglas Shearer SOUND RECORDING The Big House
    Norma Shearer ACTRESS The Divorcee
    Howard Hawks Honorary
    Alfred Newman Music, Scoring Alexander’s Ragtime Band
    Randy Newman Music, Song Monsters, Inc.
    Lionel Newman Music, Score Hello, Dolly!
    Francis Ford Coppola Writing (Original) Patton
    Sofia Coppola Writing (Original) Lost in Translation
    Carmine Coppola Music Score Godfather Part II
    David Shire Song “It Goes Like It Goes” from Norma Rae
    Nicolas Cage Actor Leaving Las Vegas
    Andre Previn MUSIC, Scoring Gigi
    Woody Allen DIRECTING Annie Hall
    John Farrow WRITING (Adapted) Around the World in 80 Days
    Ethan Coen WRITING (Original) Fargo
    Joel Coen WRITING (Original) Fargo
    Frances McDormand Actress Fargo
    Daryl Zanuck Honorary Irving Thalberg Award
    Richard Zanuck Producer Driving Miss Daisy
    Lili Fini Zanuck Producer Driving Miss Daisy
    John Huston Director, Screenplay Treasure of the Sierra Madre
    Walter Huston Actor (Supporting) Treasure of the Sierra Madre
    Anjelica Huston Actress (Supporting) Prizzi’s Honor
    Jane Fonda Actress Klute
    Henry Fonda Actor On Golden Pond
    Charles Guggenheim Short Subject, Live Action Robert Kennedy Remembered
    Davis Guggenheim Documentary, Features An Inconvenient Truth
    Michael Douglas Producer One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    Kirk Douglas Honorary Honorary
    Catherine Zeta-Jones Actress (Supporting) Chicago
    Jon Voight Actor Coming Home
    Billy Bob Thornton WRITING (adapted) Sling Blade
    Angelina Jolie Actress (Supporting) Girl, Interrupted
    Harold Kress Film Editing How the West Was Won
    Carl Kress Film Editing Towering Inferno
    Judy Garland Honorary – Juvenile Perf The Wizard of Oz
    Liza Minnelli Actress Cabaret
    Vincente Minnelli Director Gigi
    George Clooney Actor (Supporting) Syriana (2005)
    José Ferrer Actor Cyrano de Bergerac (1950)
    Emeric Pressburger WRITING (Original) The Invaders
    Kevin Macdonald DOCUMENTARY (Feature) One Day in September
    Christopher Rouse Film Editing Bourne Ultimatum
    Russell Rouse WRITING (Original) Pillow Talk
    MARRIED COUPLES (Separate wins) – all awards are for acting, unless noted otherwise
    Laurence Olivier Hamlet Vivien Leigh Gone With the Wind
    Joanne Woodward The Three Faces of Eve Paul Newman Color of Money
    Elizabeth Taylor Butterfield 8 Michael Todd PRODUCER-Around the World in 80 Days
    Holly Hunter The Piano Janusz Kaminski CINEMATOGRAPHY-Schindler’s List
    John Hubley ANIMATION-Moonbird Faith Hubley ANIMATION-The Hole
    Tony Richardson DIRECTOR-Tom Jones Vanessa Redgrave Julia
    Helen Hayes The Sin of Madelon Claudet Charles Macarthur WRITING-The Scoundrel
    Anne Bancroft The Miracle Worker Mel Brooks WRITING-The Producers
    Sam Mendes DIRECTOR-American Beauty Kate Winslet The Reader
    Taylor Hackford Teenage Father Helen Mirren The Queen
    Marcia Lucas Star Wars George Lucas Irving Thalberg Award
    Julie Andrews Mary Poppins Blake Edwards Honorary
    Humphrey Bogart The African Queen Lauren Bacall Honorary
    Douglas Fairbanks Honorary Mary Pickford Coquette
    (Joint winners)
    Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman SONG: The Windmills of Your Mind (The Thomas Crown Affair)
    Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh PRODUCERS: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
    Edna Anhalt, Edward Anhalt WRITING: Panic in the Streets
    Charles and Martina Huguenot van der Linden
    SHORT FILM: This Tiny World
    Julia Phillips, Michael Phillips PRODUCERS: The Sting
    Ray McKinnon, Lisa Blount SHORT FILM: the accountant
    Ben Shedd, Jacqueline Phillips Shedd
    SHORT DOCUMENTARY:Flight of the Gossamer Condor
    Muriel Box, Sydney Box WRITING: The Seventh Veil
    SIBLINGS (Separate Wins)
    Herman Mankiewicz WRITING-Citizen Kane Joseph Mankiewicz DIRECTING-A Letter to Three Wives
    Shirley MacLaine Terms of Endearment Warren Beatty DIRECTING-Reds
    Joan Fontaine Suspicion Olivia DeHaviland To Each His Own
    James Goldman WRITING-The Lion in Winter William Goldman
    WRITING-Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
    Ethel Barrymore None But the Lonely Heart Lionel Barrymore A Free Soul
    (Joint WIns)
    Julius Epstein, Phillip Epstein WRITINIG-Casablanca
    Denis Sanders, Terry Sanders SHORT FILM-A Time Out of War
    Richard Sherman, Robert Sherman MUSIC-Mary Poppins
    Carl Laemmle, Jr. (PRODUCER – All Quiet on the Western Front) And William Wyler
    (DIRECTOR-Mrs. Miniver) were cousins.
    Ruth Gordan (SUPPORTING ACTRESS- Rosemary’s Baby) was Michael Kanin’s (WRITING-Woman
    of the Year) sister-in-law.
    Susan Sarandon (ACTRESS – Dead Man Walking) and Tim Robbins (SUPPORTING ACTOR –
    Mystic River) have 2 children together.

  8. Working at converting my list, above, into a Wikipedia page. It occurred to me that there is a third 3-generation family. For better or worse, Woody Allen is John Farrow’s GRANDson-in-law, as well as Andre Previn’s son-in-law.

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