Why We Love Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Synch Contests: Fallon, Ferrell, and Hart Perform “Drunk in Love,” “Let It Go,” “All of Me” (Plus Drew Barrymore)

Posted on February 4, 2015 at 9:22 am

I always enjoy Jimmy Fallon’s lip synch competitions and this is one of the best, with Will Ferrell performing “Drunk in Love” and ‘Let it Go,” Kevin Hart going all out with “All of Me” and “Roar,” and Fallon rocking out to “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “Time of My Life” (with a guest appearance by Drew Barrymore).  Hart and Ferrell were there to promote their upcoming comedy “Get Hard.”  It is great fun to see stars show themselves as fans.  They have to be more than performers to do these numbers — they have to truly love these songs and listen to them so often they know them inside out.  Apparently, even enormously talented and successful performers are just like the rest of us when it comes to singing into a hairbrush and imagining ourselves rocking an arena like Beyoncé.  I also think part of what makes it fun is the gender and racial fluidity.  No one ever hesitates to take on a song by someone of a different race or gender.  All three men do more than fully commit to performing songs by women; they embrace the opportunity to pretend to hit those notes with pure joy.  Every one of the performers seems to love the chance to do something completely outside his or her normal range or physical type.  Who can forget Emma Stone doing “All I Do is Win,” in my opinion the greatest lip synch yet!

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