Trailer: Sam Rockwell and Marisa Tomei in “Loitering With Intent”

Posted on November 30, 2014 at 3:40 pm

Available on nationwide VOD beginning 12/16 and in theaters January 2015!

When out-of-work-actors Raphael (Ivan Martin) and Dominic (Michael Godere) hustle a prominent New York producer into believing they’ve written a hot movie script, they have 10 days to deliver the goods or lose their last opportunity for a big break. Hoping to escape the bustle of New York City to write in peace, the duo head to the upstate country home of Dom’s sister Gigi (Marisa Tomei). But their writer’s retreat descends into bacchanalian romp when Gigi’s hostile boyfriend Wayne (Sam Rockwell) and his younger brother Devon (Brian Geraghty) bring old flames and simmering grudges to a head for the group. As yearnings for love and familial dynamics threaten to derail their career-making opportunity, will Raph and Dom’s friendship survive the creative process?

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How Do People Decide What Movies to See?

Posted on November 29, 2014 at 3:38 pm

Google did a survey to determine why and how people decide what movies to see. Flavorwire reports:

Unsurprisingly, they’re trumpeting the prominence of Google-owned YouTube, noting that four out of five moviegoers “use video sites to look for more information about a film” (well, duh). Thirty-nine percent report the official movie trailer influences their decision most — a factor more than three times as important as the runner-up, “information on the cast” (11 percent). “A friend’s opinion” is third (with eight percent). Reviews are somewhere below that, perhaps right around “Ugh, it’s what he wanted to see” and “Hunger Games was sold out.”

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Sir Paul McCartney in Virtual Reality

Posted on November 29, 2014 at 8:00 am

Jaunt promises that you can have a virtual reality experience with Sir Paul McCartney, using their app to get a 360 degree view of his performance of “Live and Let Die” at Candlestick Park, featuring immersive audio and stereo 3D. It requires a recent 5″ or 6″ phone and a Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer.

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The Sisterhood: A Reality Series About Would-Be Nuns

Posted on November 28, 2014 at 2:52 pm

Lifetime’s new reality series “The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns” is one of the best shows on television right now. It follows a group of five young women who are considering becoming nuns and have entered into a process called “discerning.” They spend time in three convents, which for the first time opened up their world to cameras. They are The Carmelites for the Aged and Infirm in Germantown, New York; The Daughters of St. Mary of Providence in Chicago, Illinois; and The Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker in Walton, Kentucky.

The girls come across as shockingly unprepared for what they have undertaken, most of them with little practical or theological understanding, looking stunned when their cell phones are taken away and they are told that there is no make-up allowed. They bring a lot of luggage (literally as well as metaphorically) and seem to have no idea that they will be wearing the same simple uniform every day. A senior nun quietly explains, “Things you may have used our in society, they don’t really help you to grow with integrity and to see yourself as the gift you are that God sees you.” I’m pretty sure the one with the fancy nails, the (fake) Vuitton bag, and the boyfriend isn’t going to make it. I also have my doubts about the one who gushes about being proposed to by Jesus like she’s on “The Bachelor” and he handed her a rose.

What is deeply moving and inspiring here is not the halting steps of these young women but the deeply spiritual sisters who are guiding them. They present religious life as a truly holy undertaking on the most profound level. They are warm and welcoming to the young women but their comments and choices reflect the way that their faith has anchored and illuminated their lives and made it possible for them to devote themselves to worship and good deeds.

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